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(L. x intermedia)

  • Wide spreading habit, gray-green foliage and large spikes of dark violet flowers

  • One of the most delightful foliage colors of all the lavenders - a strong, true gray green with bluish undertones.

  • Forms a dense, well behaved canopy that is quite attractive when the plant is not in bloom. Grows much wider than its height.

  • Beautiful in mass plantings. Curved flower stems bunch up and stand taller and the stems from opposing rows meet to form a noticeably darker, more richly colored violet band where they mingle mid row.

  • Individual plants make good showy specimens in the landscape - leave plenty of room around the plant for the flower stems to display their natural curves. Use a mulch to keep dirt from being splattered on foliage and flowers.

  • Popular for its aroma for soaps, room fresheners, scented candles and culinary uses. More pungent or astringent than Provence.

  • One of the more robust varieties of lavender. Aroma is suggestive of camphor and eucalyptus. Stronger flavor precludes use in most dessert and bread recipes. Can experiment with foliage and flowers when grilling, making hearty meat-based soups and stews or marinades for red meats.