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French lavender
(L. dentata)


Bright green leaves with toothed leaf margins and a strong camphor-lavender or rosemary-like scent. Has an inflorescence (spike) that has reduced sterile bracts. Upright medium-sized shrub with medium length spikes. Whole plant looks silvery grey due to a dense covering of fine very soft hairs.

Compact flower heads have showy, light purple bracts on top. Corollas a light lavender blue, sterile bracts a slightly deeper color.

Blooms nearly all year if given enough light and warmth.
One of finer species for warmer gardens. Fairly cold tender. May need to come into a greenhouse for the winter.

Not as fragrant as other lavenders but the spikes are very colorful.


Mainly used as aromatic ornamental but may be used for dried potpourris.
A good lavender for topiaries. Nice in containers.
Significant landscaping plant. Attracts hummingbirds more than other lavenders.